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it's a guy thing

totally normal

relationship status when youre desparate

lucky I’m patient

girls think your awesome and lovely except they don't want you

why not me?

do nothing and you're more likely to get your girl

or… why girls go for bad boys

huge chunck eaten out of kit kat

what do you mean ‘nibble’?

unwelcome welcome

Your welcome

father trying to explain the birds and bees to his son

dad's think they know everything.
Go Jimmy!

Mat from Kiss Kill is confused about whether or not Elle likes him

Kiss Kill mashup from Sarah B

whte rabbit telling us thatthe world revolves around it and we just have to accept it and deal with it.

Lesson from the Easter Bunny

tow birds standing side by side and one bird doing stupid things on one leg

what? i'm getting the water out of my ear!