It is a lot more than media-shifting. Transmedia Storytelling Emerges

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Content – As various technology platforms (e.g., social media, apps, tablets, smartphones, and TV) evolve to become more integrated with one another, more customizable, and more participatory, so are people’s expectations around …

“So far, one of the biggest insights for us is that the emergence of new technologies means there’s a largely untapped opportunity to allow people to tie stories directly into their own lives—bringing narratives ‘out of the screen,’ so to speak, often through meaningful connections with characters,” said Neela Sakaria, EVP and managing director at Latitude.

“We’ve distilled our findings down into a few key principles, and our hope is that content creators begin to embrace the idea that the desire for interesting cross-platform experiences isn’t as niche as some might think.”

“Innovative storytelling isn’t just for fantasy fiction, and there are exciting new opportunities for news creators and even retailers to use storytelling principles to engage people more deeply,” said Sakaria.

About the data: Study participants were age 12-65, 60% male and 40% female, residing in the US (78%) and elsewhere, including Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, and the UK. More than three-quarters owned and regularly used a smartphone, and 50% were tablet owners (44% owned both).

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